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Equipment Group Class
Group Classes on Pilates equipment for those with PIlates experience. See schedule below for class times. Pre-registration required.

Mat Class
Pilates Mat moves the body through a sequence of movements on the floor. See schedule below for times. Pre-registration required.

All students new to Flow Studio must take an introductory private before attending group class.


To register for classes email: emily@flow-studio.com

Privates & Duets
Scheduled by appointment and offered daily.

Independent Workout with our approval.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


8:30 am Adv. Equip

10 am Int. Equip

5:00pm Beg. Equip

6:00pm Adv. Mat



10 am Int. Equip


6 pm Int. Equip

7pm Int. equip

7 pm Int. Equip



8 am Int Equip

6:30pm Adv. Equip





6 pm Int. Equip

6 pm Adv. Equip


9 am Int. Mat

10 am Adv. Equip

10:30am Int. Equip

2 pm Int. Equip


8 am Int. Equip

9 am Int. Equip

10 am Int. Equip

10 am Int. Equip


9am Adv. Mat

10am Int. Equip