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Emily June Street

“I began doing Pilates when I was eleven years old, and have loved and practiced it since. My classes follow a classical sequence, using a layered approach to developing movement skills. I help my students to develope a consistent practice, unleashing the body's true potential."

Emily is certified in the Pilates Method by Balancenter Zurich and the Physical Mind Institute.


Brady Wedman

“I have been practicing and teaching Pilates since 1992. During this time, I’ve developed a unique relationship with the method. My goal is to share this passion with the utmost integrity and simplicity. I emphasize sensory awareness and autonomy, along with other fundamental aspects of Pilates including: conscious breathing, focus on alignment and control, fluidity, and balanced anatomical development. I encourage my students to develop a clear and respectful understanding of their potential and limits.”

Brady is certified by The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado.